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In person consultations maybe available in  Adelaide, Sydney  and Bali.

Sexuality is a central aspect of our lives. Usually, when we are happy with our sex life we are happy in other areas of life. It is common for people to experience sexual difficulties in their life, with many people experiencing some kind of difficulty in their sexual relationship at some point. There is no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed. As our sexuality is a central aspect of our lives, it makes sense to seek assistance to deal with sexual issues. Most issues can be dealt with or worked through with the help and knowledge of a trained professional within a confidential environment. Sometimes the healing becomes possible just through the comfort of having someone with a non-judgmental ear listening to us about our sexual concerns.

When we think about leading a healthy life we think about diet and nutrition, exercise, and looking after our bodies. We often do not think we need to look after our sex lives. Sexual problems can lead to other relationships issues. And conversely, a healthy sex life can help redeem many relationship issues. A healthy sex life is a part of leading a healthy life. Sex therapy can help you achieve a healthy sex life and therefore a healthier and happier life.

There are more people who seek out professional sex therapy than you think. In our society we are generally taught not to talk about sex, that sex is a private thing. This can lead to people not seeking out assistance and ending up with a less than satisfactory sex life.

The quality of our intimate relationships is founded upon a depth of connection, daily intimate exchanges and a level of fulfilment within our sexuality.

Taking a transpersonal coaching approach to working with individuals and couples around sex, love and intimacy, allows the process to be holistic and transformative, solution focused and positive.

When applied to this fundamentally important part of life, psychosexual counselling allows you to find meaning and fulfilment in your relationships and your sexuality, at all levels: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Sexuality within the entirety of our intimate sexual relationships is not limited to sex alone. Sometimes we need to learn skills allowing for connection on a non-sexual intimate level which requires boundaries, safety and communication. I hold the understanding that our relationships are like fire, they need constant feeding with the smaller wood to keep the big bits burning strong. Sometimes there seems little time to give to a relationship, as in the case where you have small children, starting or running a business or you spend time working away. Life can easily get in the way and we slowly stop stoking the relationship fire. There are many ways to nurture your relationship, ways of connecting that don’t have to take much time and can be done daily that will help fuel your relationship fire.

For others, there may be sexual issues that are getting in the way of you enjoying empowerment within your intimate relationships.

With no need to judge or assess you, my only agenda is to enable you to transform and grow. My aim is to create an environment of safety in which to inspire you to reach your potential, with all the peace, wellness and fulfilment that fully embodied and positive intimacy and sexuality can bring. Sexuality is at the core of being human. Quality sex is an extraordinary thing and one that has a hugely positive effect on us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Relationships flourish and life may be experienced more fully.

Through addressing any sexual/intimacy issues, the whole of life improves.

  • I inspire you to:
    figure out how you would like your love life and relationships to be;
    work out if changes need to made in your thinking, behaviour and lifestyle to enable that to happen;
    assist you to make those changes, and;
    enable transformation at all levels of your being.

The sessions are liberating, empowering and fun. We’ll look at you, your relationships and your life, in a safe, supporting, confidential, warm and friendly environment. I use a relationship coaching model which sees you as the leader in the process, with me as your facilitator and guide.

I see relationships and sexuality as an art to which many of us have been given limited tools. To create great works of art we may need to learn the skills required and this takes time and effort. To create the change you want requires commitment and application. Some clients only need one or two sessions, but most need more. These sessions can be taken in close succession, or spread out.

To instil lasting change and consolidate transformation, some people choose to have regular sessions every month for a year or more, it is, however, entirely up to the individual or couple.

Sessions can be booked for individuals or couples to see Waratah in person, via Skype or over the phone.

Everyone has a right to a fulfilling and healthy sex life. Love -Life -Healing therapy can help you understand the sexual difficulty you may be experiencing and find ways to increase your sexual/intimate satisfaction.

Benefits of Love – Life – Healing

  • Increase your sexual desire and interest in engaging in sexual activity and help to rekindle the flame.
  • Through increasing your comfort to talk about sex and new sexual experiences you can enhance your sexual confidence.
  • Learn honest communication and become more expressive with your partner.
  • Reduce your performance anxiety through discovering new solutions to what may be long-standing sexual problems.
  • Develop skills to enhance relationship success whether that be communication or physical and emotional skills so as to lessen your fears of intimate rejection.
  • Discover new ways to achieve a more powerful orgasmic response.

Those who seeking Love-Life-Healing Therapy:

  • Know there must be more to sexuality and relationship
  • Apathy and low sexual desire
  • Want to put a new spark in your love life
  • Loss of desire for sex
  • Mis-matched libido
  • Want to improve sexual communication
  • Rapid or delayed ejaculation
  • Erectile difficulties
  • Painful intercourse
  • Not able to achieve penetrative sex
  • Keen to learn some new skills to take into your current or next relationship
  • Too, busy, too tired, kids, etc., and sex is not happening
  • Couple newly together and sex not going so well
  • Single and wanting to enhance your individual sexual expression
  • Unreliable orgasm
  • Fear of sex
  • Health or lifestyle issues affecting couples intimacy
  • Body image issues relating to intimacy
  • Sex avoidance
  • Individuals or couples dealing with childhood sexual abuse of one or both parties
  • Wanting to negotiate a fetish or fantasy
  • Little sexual experience and wanting information and education
  • Pregnancy and postnatal sex (navigating birth trauma)
  • Wanting to maintain sexual activity now that you’re parents
  • Wanting to enjoy sex in older age
  • Menopause
  • Wanting advice on how to talk to children about sex
    ……………….and so much more.

Want to find out more?

All sessions are run by Specialist trained Sexologist, Couples Therapist & Sexuality Educator — Waratah Karleu.

B.A, M.ScMed (Sexual Health), GradDip.ScSc. (Counselling), Couples Therapist. ASOT (Tantra Educator)                     GradCert (Wellness), CertIV (Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant).

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