Waratah Karleu is a Specialist trained Sexologist, Counsellor, Couples Therapist & Wellness Facilitator, holding Post Graduate qualifications in Sexual Health(MA), Psychotherapy(GradDip), Couples Therapy and Wellness (GradCert) Waratah has taught yoga and mindfulness practices, presented retreats and intimacy education workshops working as a Therapist & Facilitator with adults and teens for over 18 years. Residing in the Inner West of Sydney she offers a culmination of these modalities in Sex Love Life Therapy allowing for a holistic, grounded and practical approach to her work.

Having heard as a teenager that at best we utilise 1/5th of our brains capacity, Waratah has quested through studies, pursuing many diverse areas of knowledge, avenues for maximising human potential.

In addition to formal studies, life has provided Waratah with many insights. Having traversed 15 years of marriage, learning the art of juggling life, love and child rearing alongside the running of multiple businesses have granted a depth of lived experience from which to draw upon within her work as a Therapist and Facilitator.

Borrowing ancient knowledge from the past traditions of Yoga, Mindfulness, Taoist and Tantric practices and infusing with the latest findings in Sexology, Psychology and Counselling allows for a holistic approach to underpin both her life and work.

Understanding that seeking support within our intimate lives takes a great amount of courage, through a practical and grounded approach she creates the space of safety and empowerment for therapy to occur. Bringing a deep sense of care and empathy to her sessions she holds the autonomy of her clients in the highest regard.

To learn more about consultations, workshops, or anatomical educational sex puppets, please do not hesitate to contact me.